There are MANY potential problems with trying to sell your car by yourself.

Know the possible risks associated with selling your vehicle on your own. Dealing with strangers, title transfers and pay-offs and worrying about if your vehicle will even sell can cause a lot of unwanted stress.

  • Payoff Hassle

    Title transfers can be a confusing, time consuming and a scheduling nightmare. Particularly, if you still owe money on your car or truck.

    This can all become a giant hassle. What happens if you take a deposit, only to find out later you’re your buyer can’t finance the rest? Or worse, what happens if the check you accepted turns out to be a fake, or un-cashable?

  • Strange People

    Stranger Danger! Remember that saying as a kid? Well–it can carry off into your adult life! How do you handle business with complete strangers?

    Do you invite them to your home? Meet them in public? Go to their home? Can you trust them? The reality is, none of those options sound very attractive. And for that reason, they may be just as hesitant to meet you!

  • Dirty Money!

    Due to the advancements in technology, it’s easier now, more than ever, to become a victim of fraud and forgeries. It happens all the time, you accept a Certified Check, your bank lets you deposit the funds and everything seems okay–right? Until you discover a few days later the check was a fake.

    Now what? Your car is long gone and you take a loss of money. And when you really think about it, you just accepted a large sum of cash from a TOTAL stranger. How creepy!

  • Theft

    We’re all human and we all want to generally trust people. We don’t think anything bad is going to happen until it actually happens! Auto thefts are on the rise. Don’t make yourself a target to thieves who prey on the innocent.

We have 3 easy steps to buying your car

  1. 1. We appraise your vehicle
  2. 2. Together, we agree on a fair price
  3. 3. We cut you a check and get you on your way. It couldn’t be easier.

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